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The SkillBridge program is a U.S. Department of Defense initiative that allows ACE to train and hire transitioning service members as Cybersecurity Analysts. By participating in SkillBridge, ACE provides veterans with real-world job experiences during the final 180 days of their military service, focusing on cybersecurity. This partnership not only aids in the smooth transition of veterans into the civilian workforce but also enables ACE to cultivate a skilled and dedicated workforce.

Instant Teams 

The Instant Teams program is an innovative initiative by ACE to employ and train active-duty military spouses as cybersecurity analysts. This program acknowledges the unique challenges military spouses face, including high unemployment rates and frequent relocations, by offering them 100% remote work opportunities. By focusing on this underutilized workforce, ACE not only assists in reducing the unemployment rate among active-duty spouses but also taps into a resilient and adaptable talent pool.

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